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Hey, ladiaria, you have been responsified!

All right, this is it. I’m tired of complaining about the lack of responsiveness of the local newspapers I use to read online. It seems they didn’t get how important is to deliver their content to everybody, regardless user’s abilities… and screen sizes! So I decided to take the iniciative and responsify ladiaria’s website. And as a side effect I started my own blog, one of my biggest pending issues.

Before and after responsifying the site

To start working on, I had do download a couple of sample pages and assets to make the website look nice locally. That allowed me to start playing with the website styles until I came up with a minimum viable responsive experience.

I responsified only articles and sections, both the kind of pages I access more frequently from my mobile. Since I obviously wasn’t able to rewrite the page structure, I was constrained to create a stylesheet that overwrites the previous styles when the screen size is narrower than 758px.


If the folks of ladiaria accept my suggestion, they should follow these instructions.

  1. Download the stylesheet that responsifies the website.
  2. Save it in the server’s media directory.
  3. Drop the following line in the head tag, after linking all the stylesheets:
   <link type="text/css" href="responsify.css" rel="stylesheet">

Disclaimer note

Be warned that the CSS I created is intended only for articles and sections, so it should be linked only when rendering those type of pages. I noticed that the class of the <body> element changes depending on the page type so another approach would be to prefix all the style’s selectors with body.article and body.section.

I hope the folks of ladiaria and other local newspapers understand the importance of moving towards a responsive experience and accept this proposal.

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