Gustavo Armagno

Product Strategy & Engineering

My background, combining strong technical experience with product management and leading skills, enables me to provide a skillful orchestration of goals, timelines, creativity, technical feasibility, execution and timely results in order to increase the likelihood of project success.

Since 2002 I have developed software, led agile teams and managed digital product design processes for startups and innovative companies.

I have a degree in Software Engineering and a Master of Science’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), the science behind User Experience (UX).

My favorite projects

I worked in some projects that transcended the status quo and stepped out of the box. These are the ones I loved.


Product Discovery, Biotech, Education, Children, Web Development

In a future driven by biotechnology, investing in biotech literacy from early childhood is a smart choice.

Microcósmico is an ongoing project aimed at bringing the experience of the micro-universe to every schoolchildren in Uruguay through a web app.

I offered product development advice and helped create and carry out participatory design workshops involving children and teachers during the product discovery phase.

A short documentary about the project is available on Vimeo (in Spanish)


Product Discovery, Human-Computer Interaction, UI Design

I led a 2-year education, research and outreach initiative aimed at exploring ways to make ed-tech accessible to schoolchildren with some degree of physical disability through the mediation of non-conventional user interfaces.

The interdisciplinary team, composed of software developers, electric engineers, psychologists and educators, created several prototypes of serious games and non-conventional user interfaces. We developed mechanisms substituting keyboard and mouse manipulation with more accessible affordances, like enabling the camera to recognize pieces of paper with printed images, or a circuit board that turns physical objects (like fruits) into keystrokes or mouse clicks.

I dedicated my master’s thesis to the case and also wrote an article about the topic in the ACM Interactions Magazine, Framing the complexity of providing solutions to children with physical disabilities.

Handheld portable ultrasound machine

Product Discovery, Team Leadership, Innovation, Healthcare

I worked for almost two years in a project aimed at building a portable ultrasound machine that hooks up to an iPhone for a company in California through a contractor.

Animated mockup of an ultrasound machine's user interface on an iPhone

Animated mockup by Nicolas Suarez

Initially, my role in the project was to lead the product discovery process for the app's user interface and then manage the development team in charge of building it.

As the project moved forward, my deep involvement in the ideation phase allowed me to work close with the CEO and other stakeholders to define and help carry out a product strategy that lined up product decisions with FDA regulatory requirements, technical constraints and a diversity of needs from different technical teams.

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